About Intuitive Project

Intuitive Project can be contacted directly via this e-mail adress:

INTUITIVE PROJECT is a group from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Founded on the basis of jazz harmony and improvisation, their music incorporates elements of many other streams and genres, which range from pop-fusion and lounge to jazz-rock and funk. Without limiting themselves by traditional frames and conceptions the musicians -Julie Vardi (singer-songwriter) and Jaroslav Obraztsov (pianist, composer) - create their original sound leaning on their own sense of style and intuition. Expressive and charming voice in combination with fresh harmonies and graceful rhythmic groove penetrates and captivates you by its brightness and originality.

In November 2017 "Intuitive Project" released their debut "Northern Jazz" album in collaboration with the best jazz musicians of Saint-Petersburg and presented their own brand of modern jazz. Since then the group started giving concerts in Europe, involving musicians from different countries.

Intuitive Project cooperates with the prominent jazz musicians such as Yoel Gonzalez (Cuba), Deniss Pashkevich (Latvia), Tanel Ruben (Estonia), David Dutech (France), Rickard Malmsten (Sweden). Besides concerts in Russia and abroad, "Intuitive Project" participates in TV shows and radio programs and it's regularly reviewed in "Jazz People" magazine.